europe wedding

Italy Tuscany Lucca ( Casale De Pasquinelli ) . Celebrating matrimony of Daniel + Rosanne ( California, United State )

Art direction + photography | Kurt Ahs

Assistant photography | Cristiano

Cinematography | Paola Gattotigre

Make up + hair styling | Vanessa Favilla / Manuela Matteucci

Wedding gown | WTOO by Watters

Venue / location | Tuscany Lucca, Italy ( Casale De Pasquinelli )

Featured in Novias De Pasarela ( Spain Brides Gateway . International Bridal Magazine )

Gracias, it's our honour to be featured in Europe Bridal Magazine again, thanks to NP Magazine ( Novias De Pasarela ) the European luxury wedding magazine from Barcelona, Spain.

And the permission of the couple, Ivan + Vina ( Perth Western Australia ), appreciated.

Italy Umbria ( Chiesa Di San Nicola / Abbazia San Pietro In Valle ) . Celebrating wedding of Alex + Silvia ( Washington United States )

Art direction + photography | Kurt Ahs

Assistant photography | Jennifer

Make up + hair style | Gabriele Luzzi

Gown | Graciela Bayona Pinto

Venue | Umbria, Italy ( Chiesa Di San Nicola, Scheggino / Abbazia San Pietro In Valle, Ferentillo )

We must tell,

Kurt has a beautiful eye, and helped capture so many gorgeous, memorable details about our special day.
We're very grateful he was there.
Ever since the wedding, people have been saying two things to us: "Congratulations!" And, "You had beautiful pictures!" And we're thankful to Kurt for that.

By Alex + Silvia ( Washington, United States )