kay wee + lynette

art direction + Photography   |   kurt ahs

Make up + Styling   |   Vanessa Cano

gown   |   LaBelle Couture Gowns

Venue / location   |   Santorini . Greece



Every once in awhile, we see something that really gets to us. It’s tremendous awesomeand maybe a little bit of envy. But still, it’s a whole lot of beauty, at such gorgeous destinations, that made us want to wrap ourselves in it for the day.

And how’s this for romantic?! A stunning bride and groom, the oh-so-lovely streets of Santorini + Venice, and layers upon layers of flowy goodness in the form of LaBelle Couture gowns that will take your breath away. This captivating Europe elopement is all about the sweet love and with "Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs" filling the gallery with image after image of wedding bliss, trust us, there’s not a single moment that isn’t downright fabulous.

So, gorgeous destinations + beautiful images + “We’re on vacation!” vibe = a great mix ! 


From the bride >

“We chanced upon the photographer while surfing the net for overseas photographers. What drew us to him was his naturalistic style and seemingly minimal editing. Yet he is still able to churn out lovely pictures that say a thousand words.

The overseas photo shoot was definitely worth paying for and it was a trip of our lifetime. From lugging and stuffing all those heavy gowns which we rented from LaBelle Couture to waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to do my own hairdo and make up (that’s why you realize it’s not so ‘professionally’ done… ha… as it was done by me myself =p). We had a great experience! And to top it off, it was not only 1 location, but 2… we flew from Santorini to Venice for our second shoot.”


testimonial by Kaywee + Lynette ( Singapore )