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heartfelt Testimonial . Alex + Silvia ( Washington . United States )

destination of wedding photography . Umbria . Italy


We must tell,

Kurt has a beautiful eye, and helped capture so many gorgeous, memorable details about our special day.
We're very grateful he was there.
Ever since the wedding, people have been saying two things to us: "Congratulations!" And, "You had beautiful pictures!" And we're thankful to Kurt for that.

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heartfelt testimonial . Kay wee + Lynette ( Singapore )

destination of photography . Santorini . Greece + Venice . Italy


Every once in awhile, we see something that really gets to us. It’s tremendous awesomeand maybe a little bit of envy. But still, it’s a whole lot of beauty, at such gorgeous destinations, that made us want to wrap ourselves in it for the day.

And how’s this for romantic?! A stunning bride and groom, the oh-so-lovely streets of Santorini + Venice, and layers upon layers of flowy goodness in the form of LaBelle Couture gowns that will take your breath away. This captivating Europe elopement is all about the sweet love and with "Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs" filling the gallery with image after image of wedding bliss, trust us, there’s not a single moment that isn’t downright fabulous.

So, gorgeous destinations + beautiful images + “We’re on vacation!” vibe = a great mix ! 


From the bride >

“We chanced upon the photographer while surfing the net for overseas photographers. What drew us to him was his naturalistic style and seemingly minimal editing. Yet he is still able to churn out lovely pictures that say a thousand words.

The overseas photo shoot was definitely worth paying for and it was a trip of our lifetime. From lugging and stuffing all those heavy gowns which we rented from LaBelle Couture to waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to do my own hairdo and make up (that’s why you realize it’s not so ‘professionally’ done… ha… as it was done by me myself =p). We had a great experience! And to top it off, it was not only 1 location, but 2… we flew from Santorini to Venice for our second shoot.”

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heartfelt testimonial . ruj + Tai ( Chiang Mai . Thailand )

destination of wedding photography . Bangkok . Thailand

คุณ Kurt Ahs ถ่ายรูปสวยมากค่ะมีสไตล์กับมุมมองที่ไม่ซ้ำไคร เพื่อนๆ ที่เห็นรูปทุกคนชมว่ารูปแต่งงานของเราสวย มันไม่ใช่เป็นแบบรูปถ่ายทั่วไป แต่มันเป็นรูปถ่ายที่สามารถเล่าเรื่องได้และแต่ละรูปเรามีความรู้สึกกับมันด้วย
เราได้เปิดดูรูปอื่นๆของคุณ Kurt. ที่ถ่ายในสถานที่อื่นๆ แล้วชอบ แต่ตอนแรกก็ไม่แน่ใจว่า งานเราจะออกมาดีมั้ย เพราะงานเราจัดแบบพิธีไทย ซึ่งทางคุณ kurt พึ่งเคยถ่ายพิธีแนวนี้ แต่พอได้เห็นภาพ ประทับใจจริงๆค่ะ เราไม่น่าจะพะวงเลยด้วยซ้ำ เพราะตอนนี้เรามั้นใจว่า ไม่ว่าจะเป็นสถานที่แบบไหนคุณ Kurt ก็สามารถถ่ายรูปที่สื่ออารมณ์ของคู่รักออกมาเป็นงานศิลปะได้ดีเลยค่ะ
#ขอบคุณอีกครั้งนะคะ ^^

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heartfelt testimonial . chern + xin ( newfoundland and labrador . canada )

destination of wedding photography . huvadhoo atoll . maldives

[ 如何讓我們遇見你,在最美麗的時刻 ]

因 [ 姻 ] 緣

能遇到 Kurt Ahs, 算是一種緣分.

喜歡樸實, 簡單的婚紗照, 很巧的, 在網路不停搜索的過程,無意中發現了 Kurt Ahs. 特別喜歡他拍攝的態度和企圖, 也與我們想要的婚紗照相符合, 所以聯繫了他.

聯繫過程發現, 彼此在對婚紗照的拍攝都有相當多的契合, 就決定邀請他一赴馬爾代夫, 利用他最犀利敏感的眼睛, 把我們的姻緣給紀錄下來.


邀請 Kurt Ahs 遠赴馬爾代夫, 和他短敘, 了解彼此對照片的要求和想法.

然後在旅館的安排下, 進行了一場華麗的探險.

有純白的婚紗 -- 在海與陸地間,留下儀式, 典雅, 唯美

有典雅的禮服 -- 在屋簷與砂礫間,留下平靜, 溫柔, 擁抱

有平日的襯衫 -- 在沙灘與平地間,留下歡笑、淡然、攜手

照片攝取了我們彼此對愛的關注, 與深情. 照片也記住了我們美麗的對望, 注視,

以及情人之間最親密的瞬間. 不矯情.

感恩 . 推薦

謝謝 Kurt Ahs, 把情人之間最原始的情感給純實的紀錄下來 ; 也謝謝 Kurt, 把作為照片, 最樸實的精神,給發揮得淋漓盡致. 如同後製. 平實, 卻美麗.

誠意推薦, 用心的攝影

heartfelt testimonial . yasuhiro ito + haruka ito ( tokyo . japan )

destination of wedding photography . kyoto . japan





人生で一大事なイベントの写真だけは、きれいに残したい!と思い、色々リサーチしたところ、Kurt ahs さんに出会いました。







Kurt ahs さんの写真はやはり雰囲気がでますね(^0^)

heartfelt testimonial . Ivan + Vina ( Perth Western Australia )

destination of photography . Prague . Czech Republic


“Kurt is amazing, he is not your mainstream photographer! Our session in Prague were just like taking a holiday with a friend who happens to be extremely good at taking photos!

Laviana and I thoroughly enjoyed our journey in Europe with Kurt and we are not just taking back the photos with us, but it’s also the friendship that we have developed with Kurt.
Photography is one of my hobbies as well and I did take my time in looking for the best person to take my pre-wedding shoots. I fell in love with how Kurt’s spontaneous creativity combined with his eye for details turn our wonderful moments into a beautiful artworks. If we have to do our pre-wedding shoots all over again, Kurt will definitely tops the list once again”.

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heartfelt testimonial . Jin Han + Fan Lee ( perak . malaysia )

destinations of photography . Tokyo + Hokkaido . Japan


In the silence of Hokkaido, there is romance ...

[ A journey with Kurt Ahs ]

“Hokkaido, the northernmost – and least developed – of Japan’s four main islands is one of the country’s last wild places. I have found Hokkaido to be particularly intriguing – gently seductive, dangerously wild and hopeless romantic. This is where Fan Lee and I had our pre-wedding photography, and our endless romance reflected by Kurt Ahs’s inspiration that he has found there.

There is something mysterious but alluring in the winter Hokkaido landscape. It is visually manifested in the omnipresent interaction snow and earth, and the constantly changing weather and skies. Snow falls, rain drops, and it can be felt in the engaging intimacy of the scale in the unique terrain. There is reverence toward the land, symbolized by the ubiquitous Lake of Kussharo. Furano is often an integral part of the landscape – places to rest, medicate, and perhaps escape the complications and noise of our fast-paced lives. The spectacular night view of Hakodate is deemed to be one of the top three in the world, alongside Hong Kong and Naples.

Till then, Kurt Ahs is one of the few Asian photographers I knew (probably the only and one in Malaysia) who extending overseas photo shoot to a winter Hokkaido. And, he did twice! We were both quite nervous about being photographed under such an extreme climate just in between -20°C to -34°C, with only thin gown and suit. Teeth chattered, bodies shivered, we had tendencies to either pull rictus grins or look away whenever a camera was being pointed at us. We were struggled to open our eyes because of merciless iced wind.

Prior on that, we suffered in choosing and lugging the winter cloths and heavy gowns, while Fan Lee had to wake up in the wee hours for her own D.I.Y. make up and hairdo, where it was probably not professionally done. It was a great experience driving with Kurt Ahs from Kussharo to Hakodate with more than 900-km. We encountered a winter storm, packing with heavy snow and gusty winds at speeds of about 30 mph. Most relentless, we were asked to hop-off from the car, and we did few shots at this circumstance. It was -34°C!

Indeed, we invested to a photographer and locations that given us incredible returns. Kurt Ahs was brilliant at being very professional but unobtrusive. The result is a beautiful collection of photographs and seeing the photos makes us feel like we’re re-living the day all over again! We were both really impressed and grateful for how hard he worked especially under the extreme cold weather and the deliverables are above what we would have expected.”

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heartfelt testimonial . carman + zoie ( perth western australia )

destination of photography . queenstown . new zealand


"it was by sheer fate that i happened to see kurt ahs's artwork via Facebook.

Instantly, i knew i wanted him to be my photographer. 

His style of photography, the way he was able to capture the natural moment of romance attracted me right away. from the start i knew i never wanted a bridal photo-shoot looking straight into the camera smiling. I mean, every photographer could do that. it was the way he was able to capture the right moment against the most beautiful backdrop which i knew i did the absolute right decision in engaging Kurt. in fact, I'm a little camera shy, but Kurt was very patient & experience to guide us with our posture and choosing the ideal background. It may not seemed difficult, but it the goods eyes of the photographer does make the difference.

After receiving our photos, many of our friends commended on it! The best choice I've made!

Cheers Kurt !"

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heartfelt testimonial . steve + chloe ( penang . malaysia )

destinations of photography . seoul + jeju island . korea



這簡單的詞就是我對 Kurt Ahs 所拍出來婚紗照的感覺。

初始本來打算找傳統婚紗攝影公司來拍攝我們的婚紗照,可是機緣巧合朋友介紹之下讓我們碰見了 Kurt Ahs 的專業作品,他的作品很明顯帶有非一般感覺又有獨特風格的婚紗照,新郎新娘穿著很一般很簡單的禮服可是卻能拍出一幅又一幅很有感覺的照片。


原來我們的擔心是多餘的,這就是 Kurt Ahs 的強項,他總是有辦法在陌生的地方邊走邊拍的情況下找出恰當和適當的地方時刻拍出令人稱職完美的照片。

Kurt Ahs 令人稱讚的地方還有在攝氏十度以下加上穿著沒什麼保暖的情況下我們這對新人其實都顯得特別累,可是他就有辦法把我們的笑容拍的特別燦爛和自然。


整個拍攝過程我們都很樂在其中,當我們感覺很累很冷的時候他總有辦法讓我們笑起來, 多謝 : )

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heartfelt testimonial . Jason + Mel ( kuala lumpur . malaysia )

destination of photography . bali . indonesia


We take our pre-wedding photo as a photojournalism of our 6 years relationship as well as a celebration of stepping into a new chapter of life. We didn’t have any idea where to go for photo-shooting but we both were determined to have Kurt Ahs as our pre-wedding photographer.

He is good in revealing the intimacy and capturing the snippet of loving between the couple. You do not need to have flattering gown or perfect face, as he could always find the best angle of you, creating a flawless and ever-lasting memory. We enjoyed the shooting with Kurt, he was really friendly and have a sense of humor that made the whole shooting process relax and joyous.
The outcomes? I am sure I do not need to say much of it, everyone was speaking highly of it, we love it and proudly to have such a wonderful pre-wedding photos.

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heartfelt Testimonial . Shihao + Sofiewanty ( Singapore )

destination of photography . Rajasthan . INdia


I was browsing through Kurt's wedding photography works, and I fell in love instantly. Shihao and I have always wanted to have an unique, exotic, yet romantic theme of pre-wedding photography.
Kurt is absolutely professional, he just seemed to know what we were thinking and suggested, "I am planning for an INDIA road trip, do you want to consider that?"
It would definitely be a "yes!". Thus, we headed to the Land of Colours, to the Land of our Dreams. Although that was Kurt's first INDIA assignment, he knew perfectly what to do, and guided us along.

Never crossed our minds that the photography trip could be so fun and also relaxing! We loved everything about our photography journey with Kurt! He is amazingly talented, and had successful captured all the perfect moments.

Sometimes we look back at our pre-wedding photos, we realise that it never fails to put a smile on our faces and it never fails to make our heart beat a little faster, and lastly, it never fails to remind us to fall in love with each other again.


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