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Kurt Ahs, a Malaysia / Singapore based contemporary portrait and destination wedding photographer. He started his career as a graphic designer in Singapore after graduated from one of most prestigious art university in Malaysia, 2004 with a degree in Graphic Design and major in Fine-Art Photography.
Upon returning to Malaysia, Kurt has developed his passion and time building up his career and creating his own portfolio in the area of advertising, commercial and wedding portrait photography.

In 2008, he founded "Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs" ( perhaps, life can be found only in the present moment ), as he wanted to express the aesthetic aspect of journalism in life, bridal and wedding images. to date, Kurt has more than 13 years of work experience in artistic portrait photography. He and his team have covered thousand of assignments locally and aboard over 40 countries.

Inspired by life, love and culture around the world, Perhapslifemoments focus on artwork to preserve every cherished moment. Through images, stories ARE RECREATED WITH VISUAL satisfaction. with a team of professional and experienced expertise providing services in artistic photography, make-up and styling and cinematography. Perhapslifemoments is specialized in destination pre-wedding / engagement portrait, registration of marriage ( R.O.M ), wedding, modern art lifestyle portrait ( couple, family, maternity, new born & kid ) and commercial branding photography.

His works has caught the attention of the local and international media. He was interviewed and featured in Europe art & Bridal Magazines ( Novias De Pasarela Spanyol, Turbo Arte & etc ), Australia bridal website ( La Bride ), Men's Uno Magazine ( "men and time" issue ), Singapore wedding website ( The Wedding Scoop, The Wedding Bureau Singapore, Wedding Guide Asia & etc ) and Malaysia Newspapers ( Sin Chew Jit Poh & China Press ). In 2012, an extraordinary interview took place in Shinjuku, Japan by a New York based writer/ journalist Iva Skoch. With his artistic works, Kurt Ahs has nominated for international "Fearless Photographers Awards" since 2013.

"This too shall pass, life can be found only in the present moment", this is what he thinks and believes. Thus, this is the motivation to him, to create artistic and meaningful artwork around the world on that special moment in life. 



韩克 ( Kurt Ahs ),国际当代人像,时尚和婚纱专业摄影师。持有视觉艺术与平面设计的专业文凭,同时主修美术摄影,于 2004 年毕业。 回到马来西亚以后,他怀抱着极大的热情和理想,以创新的概念和捕捉高光世界的天赋, 转化为成功的商业广告和婚纱摄影。在这领域里经年累月地打造出自己的独特风格和品牌。

2008 年,发起了摄影工作室 “Perhapslifemoments by Kurt Ahs”。善于捕捉当下的他坚信能在每一个当下中撷取生命中的美好, 而这样的信仰,都从始而终地贯彻在自己的生活和工作领域。而至今,他在艺术人像和婚纱摄影方面已经累积了十三年的相关经验,并且为了寻找异国文化风情的灵感与追求更优质的摄影,他与各专业工作团队足迹遍布了超过四十个国家和无数城市。服务包括艺术摄影,化妆造型,录影。主要有异国风情婚纱摄影,注册结婚日,订婚或婚礼仪式,当代艺术肖像,生活记事和商业品牌摄影等。

他和团队以往的努力和成果获得了本地和国际媒体的注意,并登上了欧洲,澳洲,新加坡和马来西亚著名婚纱杂志及报章 “Novias de Pasarela Spain, Turbo Arte, La Bride, The Wedding Scoop, The Wedding Bureau Singapore, Wedding Guide Asia, Men's Uno Magazine ( 男人风度杂志 ), 星洲日报和中国报”。于 2012 年,更受邀前往日本东京接受驻纽约的作家 "Iva Skoch" 的特别专访。他的才华洋溢,更让他在 2013 年荣获国际摄影奖 “Fearless Photographers Awards”。